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About Amasana

I was born in Colombia into a beautiful and warm family. To this day I take the flight to where my heart takes me. I am of the world and for the world.

My life has been exciting and wonderful, with ups and downs that in one way or another have allowed me to be where I am and to be who I am. That is why I would not change anything about her, especially being the mother of a wonderful girl who is a beautiful human being full of love, light and life.


In the last twenty years, I have lived in several countries. It was in London that everything changed for me. The doctors diagnosed me with a painful illness. I entered in to a period of infinite panic and sadness. There appeared in me the fear of dying without having done everything I wanted and leaving those I love. Fortunately, it also gave me the courage and motivation to change my life. It was then that I decided to follow my heart and go to the place where I had always wanted to go, Bali.


I went to Bali looking for something that I knew existed deep within me, but I was unable to put it into words. After years of intense inner work he deciphers it. That which was trapped within me, and blossomed in a beautiful and healing way, was THE LOVE OF MYSELF. This totally changed my way of looking at life, and from then on I set out to live day to day. My body was totally healthy again, but it was my heart that this time shouted at me that I had to find a way to be happy and be at peace with myself.

My heart took me to India the place that changed my life. I decided to do my first Teacher training and found a wonderful place. South of Goa, near the sea, in the middle of nature, with wonderful teachers and incredible people. There I found the meaning of Tantra Yoga when I met again with myself.

After finishing my training I decided to stay longer and deepen my philosophy, not only to understand Tantra Yoga from beautiful and valuable texts, but to live it from my own experience and personal change.

After years of practice I decided to give a spin to my Yoga classes as a teacher and as a student. It was no longer a practice from the physical aspect, it was a practice from self-love, forgiveness, kindness and compassion towards myself and others. This led me to self healing of my illness and that is why I want to share it with the world. I do not want to teach how to cure diseases, but how to prevent them from self-love.

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Through the Asanas, as each of the different 'postures' are called that aim to act on the body and the mind, I began to discover who I really was. I learned to lose myself inside and find myself at the "Zero" point where I am with that part of me that only I know.


Amasana Art is the result of love, peace, inner harmony and teachings from the Tibetan monks.

I fell in love with mandalas, their meaning and dotting art technique during the time I lived with the Tibetan monks in 2015.

Each mandala is inspired by a place in the world that I have visited. Their designs and meanings are unique as they are painted whilst meditating.

The spiritual meaning and inspiration of each of the mandalas will be revealed to whoever gives it a home.

Amasana Art is art made from the heart with calm, harmony and a lot of love.

It's never too late to start over. You have not wasted your time, you must not have regrets. All that you have lived is a beautifully written chapter that has led you to think and feel that you deserve a change. That is a human and natural process in this beautiful gift that we call LIFE.

Be brave, risk to


Why Amasana
Why Amasana

My full name is Aida Marcela Alfaro, whose initials are the first three letters. ASANA are each of the positions of Yoga. These Asanas are the reflection of each of the changes that have occurred and continue to occur in my life on a personal, physical and spiritual level.


AMASANA is each of the steps I am living on the beautiful path to the search for my true Self. It is a beautiful road, full of surprises and although sometimes it hurts, it is a pain of those who leave us a teaching and takes us to the road of the transformation and acceptance from the pardon.

In the end I have learned that there are no good times or bad times. There are only good experiences and things that if they are transformed with love, leave us a message from those that we call "error" but that in truth is only part of what is called LIVING ...


I live from what I have sown in my heart. Love, Kindness and Compassion are the beginning of each of my dreams and my sharing with others.



Live the Life You Love
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