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The result of love, peace, inner harmony and teachings from the Tibetan monks


I fell in love with mandalas, their meaning and dotting art technique during the time I lived with the Tibetan monks in 2015.


Each mandala is inspired by a place in the world that I have visited. Their designs and meanings are unique as they are painted whilst meditating.

The spiritual meaning and inspiration of each of the mandalas will be revealed to whoever gives it a home.

AmasanaArt is art made from the heart with calm, harmony and a lot of love.

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Amasana Art
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Amasana Art Main
amasana art 1640732402133
amasana art 1. Portada IMG_4672
amasana art 1. Portada IMG_4599
amasana art 1. Portada IMG_4667
amasana art 1.portada
amasana art 1. portada
amasana art 4530
amasana art 4573
amasana art 4548
amasana art 4588
amasana art 4612
amasana art 4752
amasana art 5197
amasana art 5179
amasana art 4779
amasana art 4699
amasana art 4654

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