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Traditional Tantra Yoga


What is Tantra?

Thus we can understand that Tantra Yoga is the return to our origin, our true self. Tantra is not a healing science. But it is a beautiful way to get to understand who we are from a solid foundation, free from conditioning and fear.


Tantra gives us the tools to understand and experience that happiness is NOT something momentary. It does not depend on anything, nor on anyone externally. That the concept of "happiness" does not depend on something specific that happens to us during the day, but is something that lives in us permanently.


To know and explore our potentials we must recover our IDENTITY and live from our truth. That is why self-love and commitment to ourselves is important when embarking on this wonderful journey towards self-knowledge. 


Tantra allows us to trust the world and find in it all the answers for our personal growth at different levels. If we understand that everything is united, that there are no separations and we are beyond the illusions created by our confusions, limitations, and old beliefs, we will find the way to true happiness...Bliss


If you learn to let go, you will also learn to receive ...


It is normal to think of Tantra to think about the sexual aspect. Our body is ALL energy and sexual energy is part of it as well. It is well known that sexual energy is very powerful and that regrettably is not used in the best way. In some cultures more than in others this sexual energy is affected by sexual traumas, problems or inhibitions that lead to an energetic block in this area.

Amasana Yoga

Tantra helps us understand that if we accept what has happened, and we forgive others and especially ourselves, our energy (including sexual energy) will flow naturally. When this happens, many aspects of our life will find their balance and we will live in inner and outer Harmony.

What are the benefits of regular Tantra Yoga practice?


Tri Doshas is the system of Asanas (different 'postures' that you realize during the practice) that is based on Ayurvedic medicine. This helps to find your perfect balance both inside and outside. Your body will have more flexibility through stretching. Your mind and body will find the Perfect balance naturally (Mental and emotional) through the breath and energy (Prana).



Reality Consciousness Bliss

Traditional Tantra Yoga
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