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Why do we want to change our lives?

Change is one of the biggest commitments we can make with ourselves. This need for change can be motivated by many reasons. Among them, internal sensations such as loneliness, dissatisfaction, anguish, depression, a pain of the soul, or an unexplained physical and mental exhaustion. Because one morning you get up and feel that there is something else out there waiting for you and you must find it. Or simply because you want to know more about yourself.

Some other times, this change is motivated by external situations like the desire to change city, work, career, couple or something that in one way or another causes us "dissatisfaction." The first thing is to be honest with ourselves and see if that desire for change is motivated by self-love, and want to be better. Or simply to flee momentarily from a situation. If it is the first you will find sooner or later what you are looking for. But if it is the second it will only be a state of temporary relief that in the end will create more confusion and pain.

Wanting to change our lives is not an easy step to take. Some people around us do not understand it, others criticize, and some directly tell us that we are wasting our time, that "who was, never ceases to be." Change is a slow road where we encounter obstacles sometimes inexplicable at the very moment they happen, but with a lot of sense when time passes and we are open to accept them without judging.

The first step to change is to BELIEVE IN OURSELVES. And as it is popularly said, DO NOT GIVE UP FOR LOSING WITHOUT HAVING TRIED.

The number one enemy to change is fear. Fear of the unknown, to leave our comfort zone, fear of failure. From my own experience I tell you that all this is normal, that you will not be the only one to feel it if one day you want to start the journey to your dreams. And also for what I have lived I assure you that you will not regret it.

As hard, intense or painful as it may be, it will never be greater than living with that feeling of tightness in your chest every time you get up and feel that you are not living what you want. To close your eyes to yourself, to what you feel, is like being dead in life.

In this path of change we can find countless people and tools that the universe gives us according to what we want. Respectively explore techniques of breathing, yoga, meditation, natural medicines, dances, ancestral rituals or any other kind of help for the soul that will give you light in your journey.

Remember that there is nothing good or bad. There are only experiences to learn to make the next one better. This life is your life, your opportunity, your way. Treat him, persevere and walk without fear.

A path of roses also has thorns because they are part of the beauty. Learn to remove them carefully, and why not, to live with them. The universe and time are wise and everything will come to you at the right time. #change #cambio #vida #life #felicidad #happines

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