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The Journey of Life

Looking back and seeing everything lived is phenomenal. It's like watching a movie where one has been the protagonist, the screenwriter, the producer and the director. We can analyze what could have been done better, worse or differently; but that in the end it is our film, unique and unrepeatable.

Surely not everything that we have lived has been as we planned, but at the end of the day it is what has taken us to where we are now. Learning to forgive both yourself and others will be the way that will allow us to continue living our history in a more serene and sincere way. In the end, no matter what happens, it is the only thing we take. So the best thing is to live everything from the beautiful feeling of Love.

In order to live life, we must exist with very light baggage. I speak of the physical baggage to facilitate the displacements of one place to another, and the psychological baggage that must go light of expectations. It is important not to have a list of things that we hope to do or find during the journey of our life. And if we have it, it is important that we do not fear to change it if it is necessary. If we expect something to happen and it is not so, there comes discouragement, discontent, negativity and in some cases depression.

Of course it is easier if we have an idea of ​​where we want to go, or with what kind of person we would like to share our life. But do not forget that the universe gives us everything that is best for us at the right time. And no matter how much we get involved in something, if it is not for us, we will never have it. That is why it is important to know how to read the signs of the road so that we do not get lost in it.

Many times we focus on an idea and therefore we do not see the other options we have around us, and sometimes it's too late when we want to recover them. One of the most beautiful teachings in the journey of my life has been to understand that living without expectations, is to allow my dreams and projects to be fulfilled at the right time.

If we enjoy what brings us day to day, be appreciative and live to the fullest there will never be regrets. Of course we must have our feet on the ground and know how to distinguish between what is good and what is not for us at every moment of life. The only thing is, that this should not be based on fear or lack of self-confidence, otherwise it will never advance.

When we have the opportunity to travel around the world, knowing and sharing with beautiful people of different customs, religious beliefs, food, ages and language, we realize that despite our differences we all have something in common, ONE HEART AND ONE SMILE. A heart that only seeks love in the other, who wants to feel the peace and kindness of the world, a heart that beats more easily if it knows forgiveness. And a smile that is international language of kindness and gratitude.

Let's be happy today to have memories that make us smile tomorrow.

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