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Live and Let Live

Live and Let Live - To live is to feel and appreciate every gift that the universe gives us since we open our eyes every morning. It is to feel the the soft warm breeze on our face as we play with the fallen leaves of the trees on an autumnal day. It is to enjoy the water that rolls down our cheeks on a rainy winter day. It is to appreciate our footprints in the snow as we walk towards a new experience. It is to take a few minutes, close our eyes, and smell the flowers in the spring. It is to feel part of the world and not to fight against it.

To live is much more than studying to be a professional, working to earn money, having a home and vacation, getting married and having children, finally reaching old age and waiting to die. It is to feel alive every day of our life. It is taking the time to discover who we are, what we want and what we are capable of doing. To live, is not to be who we are told to "be." Why not try it ?, maybe we'll have the surprise of our life!

To live is to spread our wings, to broaden our horizons and to feel our hearts beating with emotion. Let us stop living the frustrated dreams of others and begin to pursue ours. We may not have the support of those who are with us, but remember that we are the ones who have to be sure of what we want, not the others.

Many times we do not have the courage to change because being like others allows us to be accepted. We fear failure; although this only exists when nothing new is attempted, since you will never know if you had it. We fear that others will see us as we really are and we will be left alone. However, pretending to be who we are not is another way of being alone because we can deceive others, but not ourselves.

To live is the here and now. The past gave us the opportunity to learn something, but it has already happened. The future motivates us but does not exist. The present is our reality. Stop dreaming awake and live the moment. Let us be courageous and take the reins of our existence. Do not waste our beautiful present wanting for something we do not know if it will come in the "future"; Or working for something that we do not know if we can enjoy. Let's let go of our bad experiences and memories, leaving us alone with the lesson learned, to forge a better present.

Life is not based on manipulating the circumstances so that everything goes as we want. It is learning to walk with the passage of time and giving small shades of color to what may look grey. Life is like a palette of colors, full of probabilities and different combinations. Let's not choose just one color, let's enjoy a variety and make our existence a rainbow.

We all have the right to make mistakes, life is a constant learning process. However, making the same mistake twice or continuing when we know there are other possibilities is fear. This fear comes from our conditioning that prevent us from finding the information that can release us.

We will continue to be like a bird in a cage with the doors open.

But, sadly, we do not know how to fly.

Letting Live is something that we can offer to others only if we have worked in the development of Self Love. If we are able to feel for ourselves a sincere, quiet, loyal love and without internal ties, then we will know what it is and we will give it to those around us.

We often confuse love with control and personal needs. When we have a partner, we put all our fears in that person and we force them to change so that they satisfy our needs. We tell them what is "good" for us from our doubts and manipulation. The problem begins when he or she tries to be as they really are. When they feel tired of carrying our frustrations and demands. It is then that we feel that we lose control of the situation and believe that the other person no longer loves us. When in reality, they are only trying to live freely. And we cannot forget that this is the essence of the being human.

To let live implies giving the freedom to walk your way freely to your partner, family, friends, children, and all those people who really are important around us. Let each person and each situation be spontaneous and magical. We must be able to be happy for ourselves without putting the enormous responsibility of our happiness on others. If our happiness depends on another person, poor us when that person is not in our life! And poor also is the other person who will be qualified with painful and unjust adjectives when he or she decides not to be our "slave" any longer.

Why do we want to run before we learn to walk? If only we learned first to be happy with ourselves everything would be different, much easier and sincere.

Letting live is NOT to quench the thirst of another, it is to share the search for fresh water and find the spring that gives us both freshness. It is to let individual feelings and qualities express themselves freely without possessing each other. Imagine that we have something in our hands or in our life that is important and means a lot to us. If we squeeze it tightly for control or for fear of losing it, at some point it will break or die, and we will be hurt by its loss.

The most beautiful thing is to let everything in life be like a flower in a garden. They grow if we give them love and give them the necessary care without interrupting their growth and natural development. When the flower opens showing its beauty we can appreciate it through the passage of time without any manipulation. Its root do not move and it is where it wants to be because it can be shown there as it is. So it feels free and next to the one who helps it to grow. That's real love.

To live and let live is closely related to our inner freedom. The freer we are, the more we know each other. The more we know each other, the more we value ourselves. The more we value ourselves, the more we love ourselves. The more we love ourselves, the less we use another person to be happy because ultimately, we already are.

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